Historical memory of a symbol and local identity

Amaiur’s battle and castle are, and have been since 19th century, major symbols of both Basque and Navarre nationalism, examples of resistance to Castilians, and by extension, to Spaniards. At present, Amaiur is a small village with less than 300 inhabitants, with a rich architectural heritage, both in farms and palaces. In 2006, the local community took the initiative and contacted Aranzadi Society of Sciences to carry out archaeological research at the site. As a result, a multidisciplinary project has been carried out since then with following objectives: construction of historical memory, archaeological excavation of the castle, restoration of cultural heritage and an educational programme for dissemination.

Aiming to contribute to the process of building their historical memory, the research team have gone further than archaeological excavations. Different aspects related to memory and identity have been considered: research on cultural heritage, both material (buildings and monuments) and immaterial (costumes, language, etc.); historical sources, further knowledge of the social and natural environment of the castle; present daily life (interests, concerns, references to the castle, research project, etc.).