Data Management Systems

Integral digital Data Management Systems (DMS) essentially pertains to the management of digital media, technical drawings and documents. Often the data are contained in 'records' of various forms, such as on paper, microfilms or on digital media. Hence, technical data management is also concerned with record management involving purely technical or techno-commercial or techno-legal information or data. Proper Data Management Systems are essential for the smooth and trouble-free management of large organisations, which are built around large-scale projects. DMS functions are conceptually similar to those of conventional archive functions, except that the archived material in this case are essentially digital media, technical drawings, survey maps, technical specifications, data sheets, feasibility reports, project reports, operation and maintenance manuals, standards, etc. Document registration, indexing, repository management, reprography, etc are all part of DMS. Various computer software systems are now available in this field. Various kinds of sophisticated reprography equipment, such as document scanners, microfilming and digitisation camera units, wide format printers, digital plotters, etc are available now which make the DMS functions concered with reprography much easier than a few decades ago.