What use for Web 2.0 tools in Archaeological Heritage Management?
- Sharing content

Buttons offered by Add This

There are websites that allow the sharing of multimedia digital objects such as pictures, video, podcast or presentations. Users may store, distribute and tag any material, which may also be rated by other users.

Nowadays, it is common that websites offer the possibility of sharing and saving content in bookmarks and social networks via a single button. This is a widget with a list of services to choose (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon…) where to share the URL.

The interest in sharing content for Archaeological Management Heritage is mainly related to the dissemination of heritage and related activities. Any material created will be at the users’ disposal through the sharing tools. This is also a way of managing and monitoring the digital material available: pictures, videos, presentations, maps, designs, etc. as a part of a broader communication strategy.

Examples of AHR related resources shared in the Web:

Most popular tools: