What use for Web 2.0 tools in Archaeological Heritage Management?
- Introduction

Archaeology and AHM have not been excluded from this new way of producing and sharing contents among users. Terms as “Archaeology Web 2.0” “blogging archaeology”, “Archaeology and social networks” produce millions of results in a Google Search.

Shawn Graham processed over 8000 pages aiming to create a map of what he called the “Archaeological blogosphere”

Explanation of the image:
1 - The archaeological blogosphere
2 - The cloud: (Google, Amazon, YouTube,)
3 - Social Media: (Facebook, Twitter; also online newspapers)
4 - News aggregators: (news.google.com)

It seems that blogging is the most popular Web 2.0 tool among the archaeological community. However, other services and applications may have an important impact in disseminating Archaeological Heritage and in supporting its management.

The Archaeological Blogosphere. Source: GRAHAM, S. (2011) The archaeological blogosphere, April 1st, 2011 at http://electricarchaeologist.wordpress.com/