Types of development - introduction

Where archaeologists and construction engineers work together, it is important to develop clear terminology which provide both parties with an understanding of the sites’ history and usages today. As a means to do this, sites have in the UK have been classified into four core groups (Barber, Carver, Hinton and Nixon 2008:10):

This classification system is used here as a general introduction to archaeology. It should, however, be noted that individual countries may have more detailed classification systems.

Archaeological heritage sites and monuments in the marine and green fields tend to be singular, smaller sites, all of which will be affected if the area is re-developed. Specific oil- and gas production and the shellsand industry may create heavy pressure on cultural heritage in marine areas. Developments in brown and blue areas on the other hand, are likely only to affect parts of the monuments/sites because of their large scale - e.g. a property or a zone inside the Medieval city.