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Free Courses

Here is a selection of courses, which are SCORM compliant, we helped create that are free to take:

A single voice? Archaeological heritage, information boards and the public dialogue (along with case studies)

Aerial survey in archaeological protection and management system

Ancient Monuments (Protection) Act 1882 with further readings

Archaeology and politics (along with case studies)

Case Study: Ayodhya

Case Study: Baghdad Museum

Commercial Archaeology in Europe

Concepts of understanding – spatial valorization of archaeological heritage resources

Cultural Biography of Landscape

European conventions in cultural and archaeological heritage

Geographic Information System as a method of management of spatial data (along with case studies)

Geographical prospection in archaeological protection and management with case studies

Images of the Past

International conventions and charters in the domain of cultural and archaeological heritage with examples of their application

Introduction to archaeology for construction engineers (along with case studies)

Introduction to construction engineering for archaeologists

Management cycle and information system in archaeological heritage sector (along with case studies)

Maritime archaeology with a range of relevant case studies

Mentalities and perspectives in archaeological heritage management (along with case studies)

Methods of engagement, publicity and media relationship in archaeological heritage

Perspectives on looting, illicit antiquities trade, art and heritage

Problematic cultural heritage

Stonehenge as a site and a place in the landscape

Producing and Communicating Archaeological Knowledge: Public Outreach in the Digital Age (along with case studies)

Public archaeology (along with case studies)

Sustainable development in archaeological heritage sector (along with case studies)

Theorizing Cultural Heritage

United Nations and UNESCO conventions in cultural and archaelogical heritage

Urban archaeology with relevant case studies